Brighten Up Your Space in Augusta, GA, Aiken and Columbia, SC

Brighten Up Your Space in Augusta, GA, Aiken and Columbia, SC

We Offer Custom Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your carpets looking good and well-maintained. The two most frequent types of carpet cleaning services are regular carpet cleaning, which is more frequent and light in nature - helping keep carpets fresh - and deep cleaning, which is more infrequent but is a more intensive cleaning. Deep cleaning is especially effective for removing stains, odor build-up, dust or pet hair. With our services available for homeowners as well as businesses in the Augusta, GA, Aiken and Columbia, SC areas, getting the perfect balance between regular and deep carpet cleaning is easily customized. Deep Clean Carpet Clean has the solution to best fit your needs.

We offer options to get your carpets deeply clean: Regular Cleaning or Deep Cleaning. Deep Clean Carpet Clean gives you the choice:


  • Treat your carpets
  • Spot-treat stains
  • Clean your carpets


  • Spot-treat your stains with a highly concentrated stain remover
  • Let your carpets soak for 15 minutes
  • Deep scrub your carpets
  • Clean your carpets